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Steve Moore

Five weeks ago, to the day, I received a hasty email. Steve Moore, my close friend and co-host of the Compass half-hour call-in radio program, MoneyWise, was going in for unexpected heart by-pass surgery. If anyone was not a candidate, … Continue reading

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Thoughts from a Bike Ride

I just finished a twenty mile bike ride on my new Land Shark. It is blue and white, I bought it used, and so far…I’m loving it! Recently Marcia caught me just staring at it in the garage. Then she … Continue reading

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Watches and Warnings

One of the not-so-good things about living in this part of the south is the crazy weather…especially in the Spring. Several times this past month we have had tornado “warnings.” These are not to be confused with tornado “watches.” It’s … Continue reading

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Inside the Mind of Howard

Dick Wynn On Saturday in Orlando, the memorial service for Dick Wynn was conducted. Dick was an amazing friend to literally thousands of people as well as a gift from God to our ministry. Because of his leadership, millions of … Continue reading

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MoneyWise Press Release

Hopefully, you have already been listening to our brand new, call-in radio show, MoneyWise.  Please see the official press release and station list below, also check out our Facebook page for daily updates and important information. From ChristianNewswire.com: (direct link … Continue reading

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