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How To Overcome Financial Anxiety

  Do you every get anxious about your financial problems? If so, how do you overcome this anxiety in a healthy, biblical way?   Philippians 4:6-7 is one on the first verses I learned when I was 28 and initially … Continue reading

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What is the Economy of God?

It starts with a dream… Several years ago, I had a dream in which I was standing at an ATM machine. I was in line for several minutes, only to put my card in and watch as the machine spit … Continue reading

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George Washington Decisions

Who are you going to ask: George or God? Many people only consult George before making a decision . . . George Washington that is! You know, our first president whose likeness is on every one-dollar bill. People often make … Continue reading

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Dear Friends, It was totally predictable. When the economy began to recover from the Great Recession, consumer debt started to go back up, and the rate of saving went down. One of the reasons for this is procrastination. Procrastinators, because … Continue reading

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Teens Becoming Rich

Dear Friends, A recent survey of young teenagers found that 56 % of them believed that they would become rich during their lifetimes. That’s not too surprising, but this is—the three ways they thought they’d become rich. According to this … Continue reading

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Millionaire Athletes Going Broke

I just recently watched ESPN’s 30 for 30 series titled “Broke”. Essentially it is a documentary on athletes who have made hundreds of millions of dollars but are flat out broke.  I am by no means a financial expert, but … Continue reading

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Update from Howard: 1/3

On May 6, 1954, when Roger Bannister stepped to the starting line he knew the competition he faced was stiff. But in the 4-minutes that followed, he not only defeated the other runners in the race, he also surpassed every … Continue reading

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