What is Compass – finances God’s way?

Compass—finances God’s way, founded by Howard Dayton, is a worldwide non-profit interdenominational ministry that teaches people of all ages how to handle money based on the principles of the Bible.  For more infomation, please visit our website, www.Compass1.org.

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  1. Gloria says:

    I heard your radio broadcast giving some pointers on cutting costs. It encouraged me to come to this web page for more ideas but I can’t seem to find them. Could you please help?!
    Your radio ministry encourages me to continue striving to handle money God’s way. Thank you.
    In Christ,

    • Gloria,

      Thank you for posting! We are just getting everything up and going on the blog, so we will have more information on here very soon. Also, please checkout our main webpage to find articles and information that might help you. We do have Field Staff and Coaches available in different areas of the country, you can use the “Contact Us” tab to submit your information and we will get you in contact with one of them.

      Thank you again for posting and listening to the show!

      God Bless!

  2. Conswailla says:

    I love your ministry and how it encourages me to be more accountable towards money and preparing my children for the future. We have a crazy amount of debt but we are trusting and believing God to give us the wisdom to be about it and not just talk about it. It is an ugly picture but we are ready to tackle the debt and strive for financial freedom regardless if it takes the rest of out lives! Thank you all again for your ministry!


  3. Confedential says:

    My spouse co signed , and is actually co owner of house with her parents without saying anything to me until month afterwards. Her parents are paying as far as I know, but really bothered me , is this biblical to do ?

  4. David Fisher says:

    Heard you for the 1st time today – been needing a show like this. I work 2 public jobs (1full and 1 part-time) and help with th farm when not doing the other 2. Just barely make the minimums most of the time – sometimes not. We have no savings, a tiny amount of retirement with the current job, no extra in checking (paid once a month and only $2.00 in there to last us till the end of the month). We have re-financed, consolidated, borrowed to pay off and dug ourselves deeper than i care to admit on here, and bankruptcy folks say they cant help due to type of debt- plus we made this bed so we need to “make it up”. I’m currently trying to get a better paying full time job that will help some – but i neeeeeed lessons/training or something. Im very interested in this as it is christian based (and common sense based). Help is greatly appreciated!

  5. Cyndy Brotherton says:

    Hello, I have a sincere business question on a 1099K, partnership, that was offered me by my, employer, I hesitate to form this 3rd party partnership, because nothing has been set forth in writing, and I receive a little info at a time while boss is on the run. I have worked for them 2+ years now at $13.00 an hour under the table. When I asked for a 1099 form this year ( for I have never gotten one from them before) it was like pulling teeth. It was suggested I don’t need to claim income as he is not claiming. My income was put in his books as misc. expense. I could not do that, so I insisted he give me the 1099 and claim $20500.00 income. I have to pay all my taxes. I have no benefits , not even health care.
    He has however, given me a free house to live in, yet seriously below sub standard.
    The partnership will allow me to put a custom sewing room in without having to pay rent or heat, electric ( he claims he wants to help to restart my sewing business)However I must maintain the furniture and gift shop, I can also run my sewing business during the slow time.
    I feel my business would compliment his furniture business, However, I feel concerned about this venture. There is to much information to share in this blog, as to my deepest concerns, however,
    I wonder if there is a contract form I could look over, or is there specifics I should ask for. I have so many questions, and need someone to talk with. I love the work, however, I trust people too much and have often been used. So I need Godly council for this consideration of partnership.

  6. Child of the One True King says:

    On my way home today, I heard about this ministry. They were talking about the Iraqi dinar and the schemes that are occurring with it when people think that are actually investing their money. Where can I find this information that was being talked about on the radio station?

    • There are plenty of online article dealing with this. I’d suggest Googling: “Inside a $24 million investment scam: Buy the Iraqi dinar – CNBC.com

      Remember, if an investment sounds too good to be true, it’s usually too good to be true.

      Thanks so much for asking! Warmly in Christ, Howard Dayton

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