How to be a Godly Employer

If you’re an employee, you’ve probably had some good bosses and some who weren’t.  And if you are the boss or an employer, you know how difficult that can be. Fortunately, there’s a book that’ll help you become the best boss you can be. So, let’s take a peek at what the Bible says to employers.

First, employers are to serve their employees. In Matthew 20:26, Jesus said, “Whoever wishes to become great among you shall be your servant. ” Far too often employers concentrate on producing a profit at the expense of their staff. However, the Bible tells employers to balance making a profit with treating staff fairly and with genuine dignity. “[Employers, grant your employees] justice and fairness, knowing that you too have a Master in heaven” (Colossians 4:1).

A godly employer also is to pay a fair wage. Malachi 3:5 doesn’t mince words: “God will judge those who oppress the wage earner in his wages.”  Ouch! I’ve seen this first hand. A friend owned a thriving business, but he became greedy and started paying unfair wages. The last time I talked to him, his company was almost bankrupt.

Another responsibility is to be a good communicator. Make sure employees knows what’s expected on the job, regularly evaluate their performance and communicate this to them. Encourage them when they are doing well.

It’s especially important to listen to employee complaints. Job 31:13 says, “If I have despised the claim of my employees when they filed a complaint against me, what then could I do when God arises, and when He calls me to account, what will I answer Him?” A sensitive, listening ear is a tangible expression that you care about the other person. It’s one way we can influence people for Christ in a business.

To learn more, participate in a Business God’s Way small group study.


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Compass—finances God’s way, is a worldwide non-profit interdenominational ministry that teaches people how to handle money based on the principles of the Bible.
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