Widows & Peanuts

Dear Friends,

Bill Wade recently joined Compass to serve the Atlanta area. He just lost his mother and wrote this Widows & Peanuts article that I thought you’d enjoy.


Going back to the family farm in Florida’s Panhandle always brings back fond memories of my childhood, such as, chasing the cats while being pushed by my brother in my red wagon. We also worked hard at the farm.

My grandmother was always cooking. I can remember walking in from the fields and hearing the weight jiggling on the top of the pressure cooker. This usually meant we were having our favorite: freshly boiled green peanuts!

During a recent visit to see my mother just before she died, she said, “I sure would love some boiled peanuts.” My heart sank because the peanuts already had been harvested. Nevertheless, I walked out to the field to see if any had been left.

I began looking along the edges of the field, and sure enough, the green peanut vines had been left! The trick to digging peanuts is loosening up the soil so the peanuts can be pulled up by the vine without losing many. I dug till the wheelbarrow was full. I’ll never forget the smile on my mom’s face when she saw all the peanuts!

Finding the peanuts for my mom who was so ill reminded me of Deuteronomy 24:19.  If you forget to bring in a stack of harvested grain, don’t go back in the field to get it. Leave it for the poor, including foreigners, orphans, and widows, and the LORD will make you successful in everything you do (CEV).

All too often, we consume all we produce—whether it’s crops or income—and leave nothing behind to give to the poor and the widows. When you put your budget together, do you have anything left over? More than 70% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck, which means even the edges are being consumed. One of our goals at Compass is to help people create a surplus in their finances as they learn God’s way of handling money, so that they can become more generous to fund God’s kingdom and to help meet the needs of the poor, widows and orphans.

In memory of my mother Shirley Wade
December 16, 1939 - February 21, 2012

About Compass - finances God's way

Compass—finances God’s way, is a worldwide non-profit interdenominational ministry that teaches people how to handle money based on the principles of the Bible.
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2 Responses to Widows & Peanuts

  1. erichaven says:


    FYI, our Sr. Pastor has made this text the foundation of a generosity campaign which raises about $12,000/mo for benevolent causes by putting collection boxes in the four corners of our worship centers. This metaphore is such a timelessly-relevant and God-innovated concept for his people in any age, even though they are no longer agrarian.

    Thanks for your thoughtful article about your mom.

    Eric Haven
    Troy, Michigan

  2. Denise Pass says:

    Beautiful story. My mom loves boiled peanuts, too. 🙂

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